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LOW poster 240 pixels

COMING SOON the trailer of the film!

A towel-boy at a Brooklyn boxing gym kidnaps a woman to impress an ex-boxer.

"A gritty, great looking fable ..."

Kevin Tomas - LA Times

"Speck. marvelously played by Thomas Vallette, still dreams the dream of the American machismo ..."

Hans Schifferle - Suddeutsche Zeitung, Munich

"Astonishing! Raven doesn't flinch... her style and imagery are reminicent of early Scorcese"

Peter Keough - Boston Phoenix

"Smart and gutsy with a consistent gritty atmosphere and quirky tone."

Michael Wilmington - Chicago Tribune

"Fascinating! The influences of Weir and Roeg are evident in LOW... a neo-film noir"

Tim Appelo - The Oregonian

"Stand out qualities... a series of accumulating disasters which Raven relates with a deft command to make us laugh and cringe at the same moment."

Dougal Macdonald - Canberra Australia Times

"Tightly coiled... A compelling portrait of masculinity and twisted affections..."

Holly Willis - Filmmaker Magazine

Official Selection

Slamdance Film Festival

Sydney Film Festival

Munich Film Festival

Karlovy Vary Film Festival

Chicago International Film Festival

Los Angeles Independent Film Festival

and many others!